Ó Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Solo Cornet

Mark Evans
I was born into a strong Banding tradition at Chalk Farm Salvation Army (London) and started learning the Cornet aged 4.

I moved from the junior band into the senior band aged 15 just in time for a ten day tour of Switzerland, and as a Chalk Farm Bandsman I have travelled the length and breadth of the country on over 60 weekends' away, meeting my wife on one such weekend when the band came to Belfast in 1989.  It has also been my privilege to have been on 13 overseas trips with Chalk Farm, including a three week tour of Australia in 1988, and most recently to Finland and Estonia in 2005.

Other memorable events include playing in such venues as The Royal Albert, Festival and Queen Elizabeth Halls, St Matins in the Field, Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral.  I have also been a member of The North London Youth Band and Egon Virtuosi Brass.

I moved to N Ireland in 1996 and joined Laganvale Band June 1997 experiencing contesting for the first time.  I am still a member of the Salvation Army at Bangor, where I am a bandsman and Junior Band leader, and thanks to family ties and cheap flights to London I am still a regular player with Chalk Farm Band.