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From Band's 1st CD

1. Shield of Liberty

J.J. Richards arr. Derek Broadbent

2. Amazing Grace

Traditional arr. William Himes

3. Trailblaze

Goff Richards

4. Elegy from "A Downland Suite"

John Ireland

5. Cruella De Vil

Mel Ieven trans. Darrol Barry

6. Kraken

Chris Hazell arr. Darrol Barry

Ó Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
From Band's new CD

1. The Cross of Honour

William Rimmer

2.Puttin' on the Ritz

Irving Berlin, arr. Stephen Roberts

3. Rusulka's Song to the Moon

Antonin Dvorak, Arr. Gordon Langford

4. In Perfect Peace

Kenneth Downie

5. Hymns of Praise

Arr. Goff Richards

6. Gethsemane

Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. Ray Farr