Ó Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Eb Bass

Nigel Downey
Following in the footsteps in of my two elder brothers, I joined the Laganvale Concert Band in 1993 playing the Bb Cornet (as is traditional for all newcomers) under the tutorage of Billy Brown and John Patton. It quickly emerged that the cornet wasn't quite the instrument for me and it was the then LCB conductor Norman English that kindly persuaded me to play the Eb Bass. From that moment onward I made significant advances in my playing and in a space of two years I was performing with the Senior Band in the Grieg Hall, Bergen as part of the European Brass Band Championships. Since then I have remained within the bass section of the band, either wrestling with the BBb Bass or playing the Eb bass.

In my spare time I also enjoy composing and arranging for the band and other ensembles, the pinnacle of which came in 2006 when I was fortunate enough to represent Laganvale and Northern Ireland in the Composers final of the European Brass Band Contest, which coincidentally was held in Belfast. In addition, since 2002 I have also been conducting the Laganvale Concert Band.